Waqrapukara New Wonder of Cusco – 7 ways to get to waqrapukara

Waqrapukara in the Quechua word waqra ‘horn’, pukara ‘fortress’, ‘horn-shaped fortress’ is located in the district of Acos, province of Acomayo, department of Cusco. It is located near the Apurímac River at 4,300 m.a.s.l. It was built by the Qanchis, led by their leader T’ito Qosñipa and supported by the well-known Qanchimachu people, later occupied by the Incas in the Inca Yupanqui period. It was declared in July 2017 as Cultural Heritage of the Nation by the Ministry of Culture.

The building would be an Inca sanctuary. The building is located on platforms, squares and a forest of stones. According to archaeologist Miguel Cornejo, Waqrapukara represents the architecture of power. It is an Inca sanctuary of the first order, which denotes an immense political and religious power not yet known ”, says Cornejo. Before accessing Waqrapukara, you come to a space formed by river and wind erosion. The entire natural environment warns and expresses from afar that a special place, sacred, out of the ordinary, of incomparable beauty and unique in its style for its location is being reached, the construction of a niche with three corners of a superior rank.

Today even visitors who come to this beautiful place of Waqrapukara can camp in the surroundings, enjoying the night of the night sky. Perhaps you will find the reason why its ancient builders chose this magical and mysterious site,

To get to this beautiful place there are 7 entrances through which you need to walk between 3 to 5 hours, depending on the route you can take, each route has its charm and unique landscapes on the way now we will describe each route to get there. and the approximate time.

1.- Cusco – wayki – waqrapukara

From Cusco to the town of wayki by car it is 3.30 hours, two and a half hours by paved track and 30 minutes by road, the hike is 1 hour uphill, then 2 hours inclined path until reaching the archaeological site of waqrapukara, the return is missing 2 hours to start the hike. but on the way you pass through sangarara, pitumarca that these are other accesses to get to waqrapukara.

2.- Cusco – campi – waqrapukara

Leaving Cusco towards the south by a paved road by car is two and a half hours, then 40 minutes by road to the community of campi at the beginning of the hike, from this site the hike is all flat with unique landscapes and an extraordinary environment, the hike is two and a half hours to get to waqrapukara and the return is at the same time.

3.- Cusco – Huascar – Waqrapukara

From Cusco by paved road it is two and a half hours, then you take the uphill path for about 35 minutes, from this place the hike is 20 minutes up and then flat and down until you arrive in two and a half hours, and on the way back it is uphill and flat until the beginning of the walk.

4.- Cusco – Pitumarca – Waqrapukara

From Cusco to Pitumarca it is 2 hours and 40 minutes, from this town along the trail it is 30 minutes to the start of the hike, the hike from this place is flat then everything goes down until you reach the archaeological center, but the return is high and flat to the beginning, on the way you can see lagoons, alpacas, vicuñas in their habitat.

5.- Cusco – Sangarara – Waqrapukara

From Cusco to Sangarara it is 2 and a half hours, from this town by road it is 30 minutes to the beginning of the hike, the hike is at the beginning of the climb, 20 minutes later it is all flat and going down until you reach Waqrapukara, but the return is uphill and flat until the beginning, on the way you can see lagoons, and alpacas, vicuñas in their habitat.

6.- Cusco – Chosicani – Waqrapukara

From Cusco to town it is 2 hours and 40 minutes, I hike30 minutes, the walk is up and down until reaching Waqrapukara, the time is 3 hours, on the way you can see alpacas, llamas, vicuñas. The return is uphill and flat until the start.

7.- Cusco – Santa Lucia – Waqrapukara

From Cusco to Santa Lucia by car it is 3 hours and 15 minutes, until the beginning of the hike, the path is up until you reach Waqrapukara but it is easy to return because everything is down until the beginning of the hike.

The archaeological site of waqrapukara is on the border of 3 districts, ACOS, POMACANCHI, SANGARARA, but the authorities of each municipality want to bring the road as close as possible to waqrapukara, so that tourists can get to know it, which would not be sustainable. Because in this place there are still wild animals such as pumas, vizcachas, vicuñas and the condor, the ideal is to take walks between 2 to 3 hours. When a hiker goes to this beautiful place, he may be lucky enough to see all these animals in their habitat. That is why we recommend that this place be promoted and offered in the most sustainable way possible.

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