Rainbow Mountain Vinicunca and Rainbow Mountain Palccoyo


Are you planning to visit the rainbow mountain but don’t know which route to take? This information will help you make a good decision.
The Vinicunca rainbow mountain hike is challenging as it climbs a lot, is long, and the height can cause problems walking, but if you have the option to rent a horse up to 100 meters before the top, a single mountain, plus the Nevado de Ausangate many people walking, because this place was known first.

Palccoyo Rainbow Mountain is easier, shorter and mostly flat, since Palccoyo is a new route, it is also very likely that you are alone with your group or with some other groups. You can also see three rainbow mountains instead of just one with the classic tour to Vinicunca. The first mountain is a 5-minute walk and another two 35 minutes.Do you want to see the impressive colors of the rainbow mountain, but the long walk through Vinicunca scares you? Palccoyo is a little known but excellent alternative for you! And increasing in the rainy season you can see the red river, which comes from the mountain or the red valley, it is very beautiful. If the two mountains are beautiful, you just have to decide according to your physical condition and health.

Summary of the differences between Palccoyo and Vinicunca

Altura4,920 m5,020 m
Time to hike1h a 1,30h ida y vueltaDe 4 a 5h ida y vuelta
InclinaciónPlanoGradual subida
Hora de salidaEntre las 5:00 y las 5:30 amEntre las 4:30 y las 5:00 am
ClimaFrio con bajas temperaturasFrio con bajas temperaturas

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